Data breaches are inevitable.

encryption is essential.

Initium provides a superior, lightweight and elegant solution for endpoint data encryption. 

Never Decrypt Your Data

The Solution

introducing screen-level protection

  • Protection all the way to the user endpoints, where 70% of all data breaches originate.
  • Device-level and browser-level encryption are antiquated. Initium takes endpoint encryption further than ever, with screen-level encryption.
  • Your data remains encrypted while in transit and while in use, dramatically reducing risk exposure for your sensitive data, and neutralizing the damages of a potential breach.
  • An ideal complement to your existing stack of cybersecurity solutions.
Initium Introduces Screen-Level Encryption
Initium Demo Encrypted Comparison
How it works

seamless front-end.
secure back-end

  • Never Decrypt Your Data. IP address authenticator and layered MFA measures permit authorized browsers screen-level visibility on clear data, while maintaining effective encryption. 
  • Unauthorized users cannot access, copy or download sensitive data–rendering hackers helpless, even in the case of a breach. 
  • User roles and data protection levels are easily managed in an intuitive admin portal that includes robust reporting, analytics and alert preferences. 
  • Lightweight browser add-on integrates directly with your web-based applications. No hardware required. No installation downtime.

optimized for today's work environment

  • Initium de-risks the security vulnerabilities at user endpoints that have been amplified in the era of distributed teams, remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. 
  • Layered MFA measures provide immunity against risk exposure from third- party vendors, one of the most common backdoor vulnerabilities for enterprise businesses. 
  • Meets strict GDPR compliance standards required to conduct business in the European Union. 
  • A novel and unparalleled approach to encryption breaks new ground for industry leaders that need to set the standard in cybersecurity protection.
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Why is initium essential?

  • Screen-level decryption ensuring that your data is clear only on-screen, guaranteeing sensitive assets are secure across their entire lifecycle.
  • Initium algorithm generates different encrypted string for the same input, making it impossible to decrypt, even if the encryption key is exposed.
  • Initium sets a new standard by encrypting and decrypting on the fly, in real time, whenever data is added or shown to authorized user IP addresses.

The Initium Difference

Screen Level Encryption Icon

Screen-level ENCRYPTION

A new approach offers unparalleled endpoint protection.

Lightweight Agile Icon

Lightweight and Agile

No hardware. No installation downtime. No fuss.

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Deploy directly onto your browser for quick and seamless workflow integration.

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Ideal for

Endpoint encryption has never mattered so much.

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Zeev Zohar CTO Intium
Zeev Zohar
Eric Merran VP R&D
Eric Merran
Sahar Elbaz VP Business Development
Sahar Elbaz
VP Business Development
Out of the box thinkers with track record of success developing disuptive technologies.  Senior engineers with expertise in Machine and Deep Learning, semiconductors and cybersecurity.  Initium is led by Zeev Zohar, founding board member of MicroSpec Technologies (later sold to Applied Materials) with over 20 years engineering experiencing and 7 patents filed for his work.  Zohar led the AI team at Applied Materials, where he worked for over a decade prior to building the groundbreaking screen-level encryption technology for Initium.
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